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"Chino conflict" Comment

Dark Messiah of configuration requirements, and lower than L4D

Also a shock melee fun FPS, there are few places of innovation, against a sense of feel good, bloody effects of too low. Maybe the author of a lack of confidence in the recent war game, the game appeared in arms, a few points must use the gun, but does not mean you can abuse RELOAD very long time, and shoot a gun when not running the most important weapon in hand is easily be destroyed on the ground (good idea), so difficult is easily under attack from reliance on firearms, deliberately bent over to pick up the gun is more likely to be cruel enemy chrysanthemum burst.

Learned in recent combat operations experience of predecessors, Qing Quan fast, slow but heavy blows can break defense. Violent attack can stun the target, you can came up every now (similar to Resident Evil 4) will certainly Zou Ren's not just you, there is an enemy you can use both hands Ying Dang, but this is usually not optimistic about the outcome may start Only one person pounding you, then other people involved, that is, we often hit the. A better strategy is in the opponents to the side shot of the moment get away, call him a punch at the same time, but not everything, sometimes you flash to another fist in front of the bandits. So the game allows you to make a flash bomb like Onimusha 3 action, can quickly resolve the enemy's attack and give a strong kick AI will dodge and parry, it also constitutes a complete offensive and defensive systems. In addition you can also pick up the stick for beating on what to BOSS, but not the kind of pleasure fists.

Monotonous scene and the AI is not high and did not give this fight to play the system too much space, so the whole game of all is not high, but I have to complain not only of these, the game automatically locks the enemy's design makes me a little angry In addition to causing dizziness, vomiting, did not give me any good. I really hope that the game did not chain given system. Flexible control of the mouse on the view do not need to lock to superfluous game gives the first impression (and perhaps only impression) is Sincere to the meat of the pleasure, so close combat FPS without a loved one can be under-free.

I think a melee FPS is not the lack of feel and moves the system, but the overall level design and detail. And fire departments have different melee distance visual problems in the battle difficult prone to punching each other's embarrassing Dabu Zhao (too close to the first hit in, then easily), the expectation of improvement works. Boxing may be to emphasize the confrontation right-hand punch, such as my partner Zuoquan you which direction the flash, the right fist in which direction you should the flash.

Click on the lifting of E, E is likely a few locked again, poor baby, you were definitely in the game seems a lot of crimes are used to something you play the game tends to play by E, which is the legendary self-abuse type player? I on E this key has no special preference and automatically lock to the screen shaking is severe, no way to retreat, narrow view to only see one person in addition to any role (including your use of the handle play).

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Bird, founder of Wu Yimin information: only 40 person-years team 1 million yuan profit

"A few years ago, I find the wind to vote, no one knows what I do. Now it has become one of the most popular concept internationally." Looking back on the road traveled his own company, founder and president, Wu Yimin hearing birds on the financial weekly press emotion.
Concept is always enigmatic. Internationally, Wu Yimin core technology used is called "cloud computing." This technology is the software he Tsinghua Institute of learning, and Tsinghua University to teach computer science major when the research topic. However, customer referrals, he rarely used the concept. In his view, does not matter what technology, what the key is to gain.

Large customers, small customers

In 2001, the Internet myth has begun to burst, and was stationed in Tsinghua University, Hewlett-Packard (HP) the work of Wu Yimin options business, founded hearing birds, then bird's main business is telecommunications software and equipment to help enterprises to establish a call center.

"At that time the business actually do better, we are big list of every single customer only a few hundred, but highly profitable."

Wu Yimin told financial weekly newspaper reporter, "then our team is only 40, but every year about 10 million yuan in profits."

However, when in 2004, Alibaba has become a big customer of telecommunications birds, when Alibaba has 6,000 seats needs. Through this cooperation, Wu Yimin see a wider market - many SMEs.

A call center's construction and maintenance costs are extremely expensive. Wu Yimin calculations to reporters: In addition to a one-time purchase of an early switch, system software, middleware, repeaters and other equipment and resources needed to conduct the appropriate follow-up to the professional maintenance, in addition to the equipment costs, construction costs and operating costs than also need to pay telephone charges various fees.

This is a demand for many SMEs, is an expensive deal. Alibaba major customers, especially SMEs. Therefore, even though they have this need, it would not spend such a huge cost to the construction of a call center.

At the same time, hearing a bird's "customers" are the path meets a bottleneck. "Income is essentially fixed. Exception of some large enterprises, the development of more customers is difficult to go up."

This situation led to Wu Yimin more inspiration. 2005, he re-develop their own products.

Call center to move online

Wu Yimin new product technology is very advanced at the time of "cloud computing." In 2007, hearing birds today's flagship product, "Qi Tong Bao," the successful development, Wu Yimin moved the entire call center online.

"Kai Tong Bao and international calls are very popular Skype software is somewhat similar, but Skype is for personal, one account per person; and Kai Tong Bao targeted at the enterprise, each enterprise a number." Wu Yimin description.

However, the information includes not only the bird's main business selling "Qi Tong Bao," the software, more behind the sales of its services internationally, this model is called "SAAS model" is defined as "software as a service . "

A "Kai Tong Bao" software includes the following services: a national unity "400" number of resources, and calls missile screen, customer management, reporting and a series of applications. The terminal is a computer software, installation, as long as users access the Internet, you can achieve a single office in a particular location (as in head), remote multi-office locations (as in all branches) or travel (such as in hotels) to use "Qi Tong Bao, 2009." At the same time, it also supports traditional fixed line, mobile phone interaction, and support Web Call, Web text communication, text messaging and other communication means.

"In other words, as long as the coverage of the Internet, call centers can create, not office bound." Wu Yimin description.

Such a way that saves them the cost of obvious: build a call center business to pay the initial equipment costs, construction costs and maintenance costs were later transferred to the News Bird Corporation, the software company only pay royalties and service fees.

The completion of construction of a one-time after hearing a bird can be copied to the service and sales to more companies.

"Overall, the cost savings come from improved equipment utilization." According to Wu Yimin introduction, "to rely on a scale, the overall cost of each business before only 1 / 10."

In addition, sales of telecommunications services birds rely mainly on "rental" model. Normal office enterprise purchase used computers, network lines, Mike later, according to their length of time required and the volume of business, monthly payments to the News Bird's product costs 300 yuan, you can have a "Internet call center."

In addition, Kai Tong Bao also provide telephone filters, automatic switching of calls and other services for the various services, care staff, state, work in real-time monitoring and real-time recording and other services. "In the past, after dialing the call center, there will be a wait for the user answers the call process. But only in the phone Kai Tong Bao Tong was carried out after the transfer, the time consumed in this process to save it." Wu Yimin description.

"From the principle point of view, a software bundle of seating is unlimited expansion of the number." Wu Yimin description.

But other Internet voice communications software and the same restrictions, "Kai Tong Bao" The biggest factor is the Internet's transmission speed is the bandwidth. News Bird Company has a limited bandwidth formula, according to the formula, a bandwidth of 1 Mbps in office environment, can use up to five seats.

In the current Internet bandwidth environment, the seats are hard to meet the seating requirements of large enterprises demand more. Therefore, when sales Kai Tong Bao mainly for small and medium enterprises, while banks, insurance, tourism and other needs of the enterprise is more or to sell traditional products.

By Dell, the agent

"Kai Tong Bao" against small customers with scattered, small-scale characteristics, and previous hearing birds big projects for big clients compared to sales of Kai Global Express is more like a "wholesale" to "retail" process, of which, Cost of sales and team will consume a large amount of manpower and resources, as to avoid this, hearing birds select and set the size of a sales team: Over the past September, a high-profile hearing birds and Dell in a number of occasions. "Dell will assume the sales of our products." Wu Yimin said.

As at present, "Kai Tong Bao" platform in the country already has more than 1,000 customers, the scale of the overall number of close to 10,000 seats.

"Business for so many years, I have experienced a loss and then to earn profits from the process." Wu Yimin laugh laugh. 2001 to 2004, by selling the traditional call center operations, telecommunications birds have maintained good profitability. 2005, as demand for new products, increasing the cost of hearing birds, in 2007, when the technology is mature, birds emerged in the hearing loss. Wu Yimin memories, then, they have invested research and development Kai Tong Bao thousands of yuan.

In early 2008, from U.S. venture capital AGPF-I of the first of about 10 million U.S. dollars in financing to the rhythm of birds began to speed up information, including marketing fees and other costs increased significantly. However, with Kai Tong Bao represented SAAS service has occupied the hearing birds income 1 / 3. And every year more than doubled the rate of growth.

"I guess I needed before the public at least two rounds of financing. Plans listed in two or three years." Wu Yimin said.

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Fireworks produced hidden color photo

Before the burst of popularity these hidden color photo (in the IE browser, Ctrl + A Select All will become color), I believe many people will be produced using Photoshop, Fireworks click here to re-wordy way of production. Those who do can directly pass.

Source file:

1, open a color image, copy the layer out, make sure the two aligned.

2, create a 2x2 px canvas, pencil points, two points, as shown (below is amplified), and save.

3, back to deal with the picture, draw a complete map of the black rectangle covering the source, and set the rectangle with the canvas top left corner (0,0) of aligned, rectangular "texture" is set to just make the little picture, " total texture "to 100%.

4, select the rectangle and copy the source image, "Edit - mask - combination of mask."

5, after the image of the mask to add "hue saturation" effect, and set the "Hue" to -180 or 180 (anti-hue).

6, export higher quality format, complete.

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Compilation of various source - col

; For tasm
cseg segment
assume cs: cseg, ds: cseg
org 100H
mov es, cs: [video]

mov ax, 3
int 10h
mov cs: [col], 0fh
mov di, 18
lea si, colr2
call mess

mov cx, 16
mov di, 160
xor al, al
push cx

push di
lea si, colour
call mess
call hex2

mov bh, al
push cx
mov cx, 16
mov es: [di], byte ptr "#"
mov es: [di +1], bh
inc bh
add di, 2

loop col2
pop cx

pop di
add di, 160
add al, 10h

add cs: [col], 10h
pop cx
loop rec1

mov ah, 2
mov bh, 0
mov dh, 17
mov dl, 0
int 10h

mov ah, 4ch
int 21h

col db 0
colour db "Colour", 0
colr2 db "0123456789ABCDEF", 0
colnum db 0

video dw 0b800h

hex2 proc near
push ax
and al, 011110000b
shr al, 4
call hex1
pop ax
push ax
and al, 01111b
call hex1
pop ax
hex2 endp
hex1 proc near
mov ah, cs: [col]
cmp al, 10
jb hnum1
add al,''A''-10
jmp hnum2
add al,''0''
mov es: [di], ax
add di, 2
hex1 endp
mess proc
push ax
mov ah, cs: [col]
mov al, cs: [si]
or al, al
jz endmess
mov es: [di], ax
inc si
add di, 2
jmp conmess
pop ax
mess endp

cseg ends
end begin

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Fast roaming Illustrator 10 (7)

Step eight: application filters and effects

Application of filters and effects Illustrator10 function, you can very quickly so that the selected objects have complex special effects.

1. Using filters

Now use the filter for the arts in the picture frame to add special effects, make it more artistic.

Use Selection Tool (Selection Tool), select the required image processing filters.

Click the Filter (filter) menu Pixelate (pixel-based) filter group Pointillize (dotted France) filter command, you can pop Pointillize (stippling method) dialog box.

Drag the slider to change the point size of blocks of color, click the OK button after satisfaction, such as (Figure 37) shows.

Figure 37 filters using Pointillize

2. Application

The effect of utilization functions, Add a Drop Shadow effect for the Panzi, make it more dimension.

Use Selection Tool (Selection Tool), select the plate graphics.

Click Effect (Effects) menu Stylize (style of) effects in the group Drop Shadow (shadow) command, you can pop Drop Shadow (shadow) dialog box.

Click the dialog box in the Preview (preview) option can be preview to add the shadow effect, if not satisfied, you can adjust various options until after the click the OK button to satisfaction, such as (Figure 38) by said.

Figure 38 Adding a shadow effect

Step IX: Add text

In Illustrator10, you can easily create a path at any point or text.

1. Enter text

Use text tool to add the title of this piece of graphics work.

In the toolbox select the Type Tool (Text tool), you need to add text in the location of click, you can blinking cursor.

Enter the title text "Adobe Illustrator 10".

Click the Selection Tool (selection tool), select the whole text (the text you type after the click the Select tool, the system will automatically select the entire text).

Drag the control point on the control box, change the text size and location, such as (Figure 39) shows.

Figure 39 to adjust text size


Select Windows (Windows) Menu Type (text) option in the Character (character) command, bring up Character (character) option panel.

In the character options panel to set Font (Font) for Allegro BT, can also set other options, such as (Figure 40) shows.

Figure 40 Character (character) option panel

In the toolbox at the bottom of Fill And Stroke (color fill and strokes) box set the text color can be.

The same method to add the subtitle mountain graphics work, such as (Figure 41) shows.

Figure 41 after the effect of adding text

2. Add text along the path

Use the text tool path along the edge vase to add some text.

Use the Zoom Tool (zoom) tool, the vase area enlarged in order to operate.

Using the Pen Tool (pen tool), draw along the edge of a vase with a similar curve, such as (Figure 42) shows.

Figure 42 Drawing curves

In the toolbox select (text tool) in the same group of the Path Type Tool (Path Text tool), draw the curve at the top click once to determine the text entry point, then curve into the path of a visible and has a flash move the cursor.

Enter the text "roaming Illustrator10", such as (Figure 43) shows.

Figure 43 along the path to enter text

Set text color, font and size, the text can move to the vase, such as (Figure 44) shows.

Figure 44 Path Text Effects

Select File (file) menu in the Save (save) command to save the drawing up work.

According to the drawing work can also be different uses, according to a different format Illustrator10 can even be posted to the Internet (the specific methods of operation, see the Illustrator10 "online publishing" feature presentation).

At this point, has completed the journey roaming Illustrator10, graphic works, drawing on the Illustrator10 process and its power has also been some initial understanding, then that is more familiar with the Illustrator10, Illustrator graphics to create their own works of it!

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Lohan VOB to MPEG

Lohan VOB to MPEG is easy and fast DVD VOB to MPEG software with powerful and integrative functions. Easy convert VOB files to all popular video and audio formats with easy. It includes features of both VOB Ripper and VOB to Audio Ripper. With it, you can easily rip your VOB Files to all popular video formats such as AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, RM, MOV, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, Xvid, ASF, etc., and convert VOB to audio formats including MP3, WAV, WMA, AAC, AC3, M4A, MP2, OGG, etc. It can support many personal multimedia devices such as PSP, iPod, Zune, iPhone, PDA and MP4 player, with the fastest speed.

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How-to VCD to DVD

How-to VCD to DVD is the fastest DVD VCD video converter software so far in the world. and reliable tools for VCD video conversion. Almost all kinds of DVD formats was supported by How-to VCD to DVD. With VCD to DVD, you can convert almost all kinds of VCD to DVD video (.dat) format. Its conversion speed is far faster than real-time, converting one VCD movie only takes half an hour in some high-end computers. How-to VCD Movie to iPhone Video Converter supports single-step conversion of VCD video into iPhone, iPod, Zune, PSP, PS2, PS3, DVD MPEG-4 format while some other soft wares need two steps which wastes unnecessary time.

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